names for shih tzu females

Marvel-inspired names for Shih Tzu females

There are many suitable names for Shih Tzu females, but did you know that you could also get one from your favorite Marvel comic books and TV shows? From brave and strong superheroes to relatable villains, let’s take a look at these charismatic Shih Tzu names perfect for your little ball of sunshine.

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Marvel-inspired names for Shih Tzu females

  1. Storm

Possessed with high energy and chaotic temperaments, there’s no denying that Shih Tzu breeds suit even the literal meaning of the name Storm. In Marvel’s X-men, Storm is also a well-loved character for her impressive loyalty and intelligence. You may find her distinct silver flowy hair oddly matching with Shih Tzu dogs’ long and beautiful fur coatings. 

  1. Kitty

We know it’s hilarious, but what’s stopping you from naming your dog “Kitty”? Kidding aside, this name comes from the character Kitty Pryde or most commonly known as Shadowcat from the X-Men lineup. Along with her loyalty and willingness to rescue others, it’s a fitting name to give for a loyal companion. And let’s be honest, who would pass up the rare chance of naming your dog after a cat persona? It’s cute and unique, after all!

  1. Nebula

Despite being a character that continues to walk between good and evil, Nebula is an excellent representation of someone seeking approval and recognition from the people she values. Similar to that note, Shih Tzu breeds are also known as suckers for human affections and could quickly learn tricks to gain attention and praise. 

Fact: Did you know that Shih Tzu in Chinese means Lion Dog?

  1. Medusa

Admit it or not, it’s a definite Medusa-moment when you meet the puffy and rounded eyes of your adorable furbaby. Inspired by the queen of Inhumans royal family, Medusa is indeed one of the most adventurous options to select in this Shih Tzu names list. Derived from the Greek verb, Medusa also means to protect or to rule over. 

  1. Tundra

Dogs tend to be protective over their favorite humans and turn all warrior mode when sensing immediate danger. What other perfect way to depict this bravery than naming your pet after the Queen of the all-female warrior clan “Femizons”? Tundra is also a unique-sounding name, so it’s an ideal option to choose if you’re thinking of teaching your dog to do complex tricks in the future.

  1. Rogue

Another chic and simple Marvel-inspired name to consider on this list is Rogue. Her independent characteristics are seemingly comparable to the strong-willed and unpredictable nature of female Shih Tzu dogs. This tough name will also let everyone know how confident and brave your puppy is. 

  1. Pepper

Although Pepper doesn’t possess any superpowers like the rest of the characters listed here, her contributions in Tony Stark’s fights are undeniable. Just like how Iron Man became head over heels with Pepper, we’re sure that you’ll also fall deeply in love with your pup with this cute name!

Looking for more female Shih Tzu names? Here’s my other list of girl Shih Tzu names from some of my favorite movies and Netflix series shows.

names for Shih Tzu females


As opposed to traditional Shih Tzu names, getting ideas from your favorite Marvel TV shows will always be a delightful decision to make. After all, you have to choose a pet name that you can easily remember and never get tired of calling. 

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