Superhero inspired boy shih tzu names

Superhero-inspired boy Shih Tzu names

If you’re a certified fan of popular superhero franchises, you probably already thought of naming your pet after the characters of the famous Avengers movie series. With great options to choose from, we listed only the best boy Shih Tzu names suitable for your perky companion. 

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Superhero-inspired boy Shih Tzu names

  1. Hawkeye

Shih Tzu breeds may not be effective guard dogs, but they have keen senses like Hawkeye. These tiny munchkins are always alert when hearing unique sounds or seeing unfamiliar sights, especially in the presence of larger dogs. Their observant personality is seemingly parallel to Hawkeye’s sharp sensibility, making it a fitting name for these pups.

  1. Bruce

When it comes to temperament, Bruce or the Hulk’s character is oddly similar to the intelligent but stubborn nature of Shih Tzu dogs. Although these dogs can be enthusiastic when learning tricks to get praises and kisses, they could quickly get challenging to train once they found treats unappealing.  

  1. Thor

One of the most hard-to-miss Shih Tzu names in this list is Thor. Perhaps it’s because his long blonde locks in the movie series often remind us of our fur babies’ elegant coats. All joke’s aside, naming an energetic dog after the God of lightning isn’t really a bad idea. After all, these breeds are known for their electrifying high spirits. 

  1. Loki

Wherever Thor is, Loki follows. As a known trickster and God of Mischief, we couldn’t help but swoon at how much his personality resembles the rebellious yet charming character of Shih Tzu dogs. Despite being one of the most loved characters in the series, Loki is also not a commonly used name, even for pet owners. 

  1. Bucky

Like Captain America, Bucky Barnes is a headstrong and loyal Winter Soldier with charms lethal to ladies. This two-syllable name is surprisingly catchy and fitting for a pet’s name. Bucky also has a distinct sound, making it a lot easier for dogs to recall their names during training or home-breaking.

  1. Rocket

Although Rocket is literally a talkative raccoon in the movie series, there’s no shame in choosing this adorable Shih Tzu name for your pet. As fast as Rocket’s senses can be, dogs also have an impressive ability to be quick on their feet and show you lovable tricks that you just won’t be able to resist. 

  1. Jarvis

If you’re on a hunt for unique boy Shih Tzu names that kick-ass, then Jarvis may be the one you’re looking for. Although known as an intelligent computer system made by Tony Stark, it was named after the family’s butler who raised him after his parents’ death. Instilling Edwin Jarvis’ loyalty to your new mischievous housemate is quite the risk, but we’re sure that your cute doggo will shower you with unconditional love sooner or later. 

Superhero inspired boy Shih Tzu names


There’s a bottomless list of boy Shih Tzu names for superhero fans, but it’s important to remember that your dog’s characteristics come first.

Don’t rush and take your time to decide because the name you’ll choose will be the bridge of communication between you and your fur baby.

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