Bridgerton-inspired names for female Shih Tzu

Another blockbuster series that has blown our roof during the pandemic season is none other than Netflix’s  Bridgerton. Due to its massive popularity, it’s no surprise that pet owners started to name their dogs after their intriguing and charming characters. Here are names for female Shih Tzu that screams royalty.

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Bridgerton-inspired names for female Shih Tzu

  1. Violet

Among the names for female Shih Tzu breeds that lost their popularity in the 20th century is Violet. However, thanks to this hit Netflix series, this name started to rise on charts again and even intrigued many fur parents around the world.

Representing the role of a strong single mother guiding the entire Bridgerton clan, it’s no wonder Violet immediately became a fan favorite.

  1. Daphne

After Bridgerton rose to popularity, Daphne is now more than a Naiad nymph from Greek Mythology. The name of the series protagonist carries various meanings like Victory and Laurel Tree. As a headstrong femme fatale, we couldn’t help but compare her iron-willed personality to the independent temperament often observed with female Shih Tzu dogs. 

  1. Eloise

Similar to Daphne, Eloise is known as an icon of independence and self-confidence throughout the entire series. Aligned to her charming ways of bringing girl power into action, did you know that Eloise also comes from a French origin that means Famous Warrior?

Isn’t it a great representation of your pet’s willful nature?

  1. Charlotte

Among the names for female Shih Tzu included in this list, Charlotte is definitely the most common name used frequently by the royalties. Aside from playing the queen in the show, the name is also a female version of the name Charles, which means free man.”

If you’re a fan of the British Royal family, you would know that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s daughter is also named Charlotte.

  1. Rose

Despite its simplicity, Rose is a delightful name to use for your sassy and chic pets. Composed with one syllable, dogs will surely find this name relatively easy to remember. On top of that, naming your dog after Daphne’s most trusted confidant could be a good sign that you’re willing to share a loyal bond with your new buddy.

  1. Siena

If you’re welcoming a gleeful and confident Shih Tzu female dog in the family, then Siena is a perfect name to go for. As a character who’s determined to stand her ground and refused to change herself for any man, this name gives a justified depiction of proud femininity. 

  1. Marina

Marina is introduced in the series as the most eligible lady in high society but causes all sorts of troubles in the end. Her impressionable personality fits this ocean-inspired name, which we couldn’t help but compare to the distinctive beauty and nature of Shih Tzu breeds. 


Although it’s thrilling to pick Shih Tzu names through your favorite hit TV series like Bridgerton, keep in mind that the personality and physical attributes of your fur baby are still the number one priority.

If you still haven’t found the perfect name for your pet, you can check out more on our other lists.

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