Charming girl Shih Tzu names from Female Disney characters

If you’re trying to find charming girl Shih Tzu names for your new pet, how about getting inspiration from your all-time favorite Disney characters? Show your love for your fluffy four-legged buddy by addressing them in the most adorable way.

Here are some Shih Tzu names you can consider.

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Girl Shih Tzu names from Disney princesses

  1. Belle 

Imagine how elegant it would feel to call your pet by the name of charming and strong-willed beauty like Belle. It’s pronounced in one syllable, so your dog will easily remember the name. Aside from being a famous Disney Princess name, Belle has a French origin which literally means “beautiful”. 

  1. Ariel 

One of the most famous Disney Princess Shih Tzu names in this list is Ariel. You may not know it, but aside from that, Ariel also means “Lion of God” in Hebrew. It’s surprisingly close to the Chinese meaning of Shih Tzu, which is “Lion Dog”. This term emerged to pay tribute to this breed’s beautiful long coat, similar to a lion’s fur. 

  1. Moana 

In most Polynesian languages, Moana (pronounced as moh-AH-nah and not MWAH-nah) means ocean, sea, or a vast amount of water. Before the groundbreaking Disney film was released, this name is considered rare and exotic even by the locals. Although composed of three syllables, Moana is easy to remember and has a distinct sound that your dog could quickly adapt.

  1. Elsa  

If your little ball of sunshine has a coating as white as snow, then what Disney term is more suitable than the name of the Snow Queen of Arendelle herself? Elsa is a relatively simple name, but it gained popularity after being one of the highest-grossing Disney animated movies of all-time.

Although we can give plus points for its easy pronunciation, if you watch lots of Frozen in the house, it may not be a great idea and confuse the dog.

Also, let’s be honest, how long did it take until you’re able to move on to its theme song? Let me tell you, I have sung Let It Go a-la Edina Menzel in the bathroom for weeks. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. Elsa is such an amazing character and it’s undeniable that it’s also an excellent name for your pet.

  1. Mulan

Unlike other Disney Shih Tzu names in this list, Mulan is not legitimately a royalty. However, as we all know, her braveness and heroism make her a Princess in her own right. Its straightforward pronunciation aligns with its Arabic origin, which means gentle or soft. 

Which version is your favorite? The animated version or the drama film released in 2020? Let us know in the comments.

I prefer the animated version though.

  1. Tiana 

Inspired by a bubbly Disney character from a 2009 animated feature film, The Princess and the Frog, Tiana is a name with Russian and Latin origin that literally means “Princess”. Like Moana, this name has a distinct sound despite its three-syllable pronunciation. It’s relatively easy to remember and will not cause confusion as it’s not commonly heard around the house. 

  1. Aurora

Whether we admit it or not, pets are usually big sleepers. And who among Disney Princesses is an icon of sleeping? It’s none other than Aurora! This classic female dog name is not only associated with an animated film, but it’s also the name of the Roman Goddess of Sunrise.

Considering their ball-of-sunshine personalities, we couldn’t deny that Aurora must be included in this list of girl Shih Tzu names.


Giving Disney-related Shih Tzu names for the new members of your family is a defining moment. It provides an intense feeling of familiarity and reflects how much we want to connect to our fluffy buddies. 

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