How do I convince my parents to get a dog for Christmas?

Busy working parents are reluctant to get a dog for Christmas for a number of reasons. They worry about the cost, but most especially, the responsibility.

However, there is one reason that can make them change their mind, YOU. 

So, what should you say when trying to persuade your parents to buy you a dog as a Christmas present this year?

I’m going to give you some time to think about it. 

Meanwhile, let’s talk about your parents. 

Why do parents say no to a dog on Christmas day?

There are many reasons why parents say no to their children getting a dog, especially on Christmas day. We can’t blame them. Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. There are probably going crazy about shopping, cooking, and setting up the Christmas tree

A dog in the house especially an untrained one can be aggressive towards other people. And your parents did not sign up for this on Christmas day. 

1. Dogs can be expensive – Did you know that the most expensive dog breed can cost up to $14,000, not to mention buying his needs ie. food, vitamins, toys, grooming, etc. If your parents are struggling financially, most likely they would say no to a dog. 

2. Dogs require time and effort – Dogs are a man’s best friend. So, they say. But it’s not always about loving and feeding him.  I think it’s cruel to put a dog in a cage all day because you’re just too busy with what’s going on with your life.  

3. Dogs need training – When I first got my Shih Tzu, I was told by the previous owner that he’s already potty trained, which is a relief. But other than that, dogs need the training to eliminate nasty behaviors like chewing furniture, excessive barking, separation anxiety, and how to behave with other dogs. 

4. Dogs are not allowed – If you live in an apartment, I’m sure your landlord will tell you that pets are not allowed.

5. Your parents think about the morning after – When Christmas is over, would you still have the same amount of love and care towards your dog? 

Why won’t my parents get me a dog?

1. You’re irresponsible 

2. You’re lazy

3. They can’t afford to get you a dog 

4. You’re leaving, and you’d probably leave the dog behind

5. You can’t (or won’t) even clean your room 

Why shouldn’t you get a dog for Christmas?

First of all, I think that dogs shouldn’t be given as presents. I strongly disagree with this because it really takes a lot of effort, time, and energy to be a responsible fur parent. Moreover, you’re going to be very busy on Christmas day. You have cousins to play video games with, uncles and aunts to impress, grandparents to chat with. You have a lot on your plate. 

Lastly, the day after is no different. Things will get back to what it was. But if have a dog, the first 30 days would be a whirlwind of puppy disasters, not to mention the poop and pee everywhere. 

Getting a dog for Christmas can be a wonderful surprise, don’t get me wrong. But always think about where you go from here. 

How do I convince my parents to get a dog for Christmas?

Now that you are finally convinced, after many months that a dog for Christmas is really what you want, here are some practical tips to help your parents say yes. 

1. Ask your parents nicely – Avoid going in circles. That’s annoying. Just go straight to the point. “Mom, Dad, can I get a dog on Christmas?” See, not that hard. HOWEVER, you have to be ready with what they’re going to tell you. Expect no for an answer, but always keep your cool. Stay calm, and follow up with a soft and gentle “Why?” Knowing their reasons will allow you to understand where they’re coming from. This will give you an idea of what to do next.  

2. Invite them to a shelter near you – Let’s assume that your parents never had pets growing up. Inviting them to a shelter can be an exciting experience for them, not to mention, a nice family time for everyone. Talk to the staff, ask questions, say hi to the dogs. This is going to melt their hearts, for sure. 

3. Make a list of why the pros outweigh the cons of having a dog around the house – Possible pros of having a dog include cuddles, kisses, and so much love. Meanwhile, cons may include poop, pee, and smell. 

4. Negotiate – What are your terms of having a dog on Christmas day? What can you offer your parents, in exchange for a dog on Christmas? Remember, it has to be a win on both sides.

5. Call a friend – Do you have a friend who owns a dog? Invite him and his dog over. Ask him to tell you and your parents about his experience having a dog and why it’s the best decision he’s ever made. 

How do I convince my parents to get a dog for Christmas?

How to convince your parents to get a pet after they said no

Let’s say you tried everything, and your parents are still saying no. What else can you do? 

1. Try again even if it’s Christmas is over – You will sound annoying for pushing hard on this topic. But if you, do it right, this may finally convince them that you’re ready. 

2. How about a hamster? – Dogs are a lot of work, but have you considered smaller pets like hamsters, guinea pigs, or a rabbit? Perhaps, your parents can say yes to any of these.

3. Prove to them that you will take responsibility with your dog or else… – Set the rules. If you fail, accept the consequences ie. no Netflix for 90 days, less screen time, less time with friends and more chores, etc. Make your terms impossible to resist. 

4. You’re going to feel bad at first but know that your parents always want what’s best for you – If the ultimate reason is your health and well-being, then this case is closed. If you suffer from allergies, and other illnesses, it’s not safe to have a dog around the house. I’m sorry. 

Final thoughts 

I hate it every time I hear young people talking to themselves about how they fooled their parents to buy this or that, etc. I find it very disrespectful. 

Our parents would never say no to us without a valid reason. 

I do hope that each of us would have the audacity to accept it without hate. 

Dogs are incredible. They will always be. 

Christmas is such a meaningful time to spread love and kindness. 

Having both is perfection. 

But if you can’t have it all, it’s okay. Nothing’s going to stop you from celebrating a meaningful Christmas day with your family.

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