Star Wars-inspired names for a Shih Tzu

As a devoted fan of Star Wars, there’s no stopping you from selecting names for a Shih Tzu from the vast number of characters featured in the famous movie series. From the most popular options, such as Luke and Leia, up to the charming ones like Chewie and Yoda — we listed the most suitable Shih Tzu names dog that you won’t be able to resist!

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Star Wars-inspired names for a Shih Tzu

  1. Yoda

Topping our list of potential names for a Shih Tzu is the great Grand Jedi Master Yoda. Despite being of a small build, he possessed a power incredibly massive for his size. Similarly, to that note, tiny furballs like Shih Tzu breeds may also seem tame and gentle due to their fluffy appearance, but they’re energetic and clever when properly trained and cared for.

  1. Chewie

Chewie or Chewy is a shortened name made for Chewbacca, the remarkable Wookie character in service as Han Solo’s co-pilot and partner. With his hairy features, it’s no wonder why Star Wars superfans kept naming their pets after him. 

  1. Wookie

If Chewie didn’t ring a bell, how about going for the general species term like Wookie? As an equally adorable and friendly-sounding name, we’re sure that these humanoid aliens’ loyal and intelligent traits will align perfectly with the demeanor of your new pup.

  1. Luke

Selecting a popular human name for your doggo may be a customary practice for pet owners, but it adds to the excitement when you decide to get it from the greatest Jedi in the galaxy! Luke Skywalker is one of the movies series’ leading stars, making his name highly sought after, not only as a baby name but also as a dog’s name. 

  1. Leia

Like Luke, Leia’s name will remain trendy and in demand for as long as the Star Wars franchise is alive. The movie series introduced her character as a headstrong woman who highly values integrity. Along with her distinct individuality that highlights her sassy personality, naming your furry friend after her character will ensure that Leia’s Force will always be with you.

  1. Jedi

If you want to pay tribute to the members of the mystical knightly order for maintaining justice and peace in the Star Wars galaxy, then go ahead and bestow the name Jedi to your perky partner in crime. Although Shih Tzu breeds are more of a watchdog than a guard dog, they’re generally alert with unflinching loyalty that results in instinctively protecting their home and owners. 

  1. Saber

Saber is derived from the word Lightsaber, the weapon used by the order of Jedi Knights. As a popular icon in the movie franchise, selecting lightsaber’s shortened term as a character’s name isn’t entirely new. In fact, Saber is also used as an alias name of the main protagonist of a Japanese visual novel Fate/stay night.

Star Wars-inspired names for a Shih Tzu


Although we covered several Star Wars-related Shih Tzu names, there’s still lots to choose from, considering all the prequels, sequels, and stand-alone films that the franchise had produced over the years.

If you’re still unsure of which option to go for, come and check out our other lists and see if any of them spark your interest. 

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