Cute names for male shih tzu

Cute and delicious names for male Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu breeds are known for their perky personalities that thrive on human companionship. These adorable munchkins are an ideal buddy to keep around, so it’s only right to give them nicknames for the happy energy they bring into our lives.

Listed below are adorable names for male Shih Tzu with meanings suited for their charming and bright characteristics. 

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Cute names for Male Shih Tzu

Cute Shih Tzu names for your super energetic Shih Tzu

1. Dasher

These adorable happy pills are known for their seemingly small body structure even after reaching adult size by ten months; that’s why it’s not surprising that they can dash around easily. Shih Tzu breeds also tend to move swiftly due to their long gait, so Dasher isn’t only an adorable name but also represents their agility. 

2. Happy

It’s very rare for a Shih Tzu to be snappy as they are usually charming and always in high spirits. Naming them after their bright temperament justifies their characteristics very well and welcomes positive energy.

Happy is also not associated with a regular object or common human names, which prevents confusion when the pet is called. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that one of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs Happy has been true to his character, until the princess took a bite of the poisoned apple?

3. Goofy

This is probably one of my favorite names for male Shih Tzu in this list.

As companion dogs, being goofy and playful is among the common behaviors observed with Shih Tzu breeds. They love to hang around people and hog all the attention of their beloved humans.

Aside from that, the name Goofy ends with a distinct syllable easy for pets to remember during their training and learning process. 

Cute Shih Tzu names for Shih Tzu’s with crazy sense of humor

1. Wacky

Every pet owner can attest to the oddness that these little balls of sunshine bring to the table. Shih Tzu, in particular, is amusing in a peculiar way, making them a delightful and unique company to have around. Like Goofy, Wacky also has an identifiable ring to the ears and easier to pronounce. 

2. Toodles

Although Toodles is an informal slang for the word “goodbye”, it works really well enough to be in this list of names for male Shih Tzu. Aside from its uniqueness, it’s not a particular word spouted in some homes and not associated with commonly used objects.

Toodles also flows easily in the mouth when pronounced, so you can add a distinctive tune along with it whenever you call your dog.

3. Conan

Of course, this list of names for male Shih Tzu will not be complete without the King of Late-Night Conan O ‘Brien. Move over, Jimmy Fallon. If you are a fan of Conan, it’s hard not to express your love for this TV host/Comedian.

So, if your Shih Tzu is just as silly, and has red hair like him, naming your pet Conan is a solid tribute to the man.

Cute Shih Tzu names for dessert lovers

1. Oreo

Naming your Shih Tzu after your favorite snack isn’t entirely new, but it never goes out of style. And because Oreo is a brand popularly known as a chocolate cookie with cream fillings, it’s a perfect endearment if your dog has a combination of white and black fur.

On top of the cute feeling it gives, food names like this are usually easier for pets to remember. 

When I first got my Shih Tzu, his previous owner named him Oreo. I was thinking of better names for a male Shih Tzu after I got him. But I decided to stick with Bunso because it’s endearing.

2. Snowball

If your fluffy companion is an energetic white furball who likes to roll around everywhere you go, then Snowball is among the best Shih Tzu names you can choose from. Although spelled a bit longer than other names, it’s actually easier to pronounce and evoke feelings based on your dog’s appearance. 

Or, if you like Snowball cakes or Bahn Bao Chi, Snowball is a “delicious” name for your beloved Shih Tzu.

3. Caramel

Addicted to homemade salted caramel? Feed your addiction even more by naming your Shih Tzu, Caramel. Caramel can be too sweet to be on the list of names for male Shih Tzu. But believe me, our Shih Tzu’s deserve better. So, if your pet is light brown in color, give this one a try.


While going for bright and delightful Shih Tzu names is a great idea, you should also consider your pet’s appearance and temperament. Like humans, dogs tend to have different characteristics.

Always remember that this name will be the only language you’ll use when communicating with them, so it’s best to think about it carefully.

There you have it, our list of best names for male Shih Tzu.

Do you have a male or female Shih Tzu?

What did you name them?

Let us know in the comments.

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